Saturday, June 22, 2013


I found this one a few months back and was very excited to find it, as the same L.P. has slipped through my fingers just as often as Les Baxter's "Jewels of the Sea"!*  This one is in shrink and in very nice shape as well, so that's a bonus, especially since most of the official James Bond soundtrack L.P.s are in very rough shape indeed.

The arrangement to the title track here is a bit of an "everything, including the kitchen sink!" arrangement, but it is nonetheless very fun and full-feature without being over-done.

Thanks (and kudos) to uploader "Chalyman77" for providing this clear transfer for the Tube-surfers.
* Only once for each of these L.P.s, but darned if it didn't sting when I realized what I had later!

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